Retail Partners/ Coffee Experience Partners - Support Initiatives

Home of Healthy Coffee (HHC) is here to listen, adapt and support our Retail and Coffee Experience market partners. Our pillars of support consist of:

- Market Intelligence
- POS marketing support 
- Product training

Market Intelligence

We bring together local & global feedback on industry performance and trends. Locally we document experience feedback, identify demographic sales trends, and understand psychographic tendencies for product success points.

POS Marketing Support

When you succeed, we succeed. Many of our health food retailers have strategically positioned themselves with great walk-by traffic. We have created 'riders' to attach/clip to current sandwich signs, and other sidewalk displays.

Sandwich board sign

We have also created product signage at the shelving level. The signs act as an attention grabber as well as link source to More Info... via QR code technology.

Product Training

Information video series and questionnaires for your employees offer a seamless, consistent presentation of the product we are all working to sell more of. At the end of the day, its OUR product, we are selling. Let us teach you. 

Social Media Support

We all have social media channels, we all understand their strength in connecting with our clientele. We are constantly creating content and are here to supply you with that content. Connecting, following, tagging, mentions, cross-platform synergies.

....we are here to be heard!