Zoomer’s Foods bundles its immune building healthy mushroom coffee and concentrated mushroom extracts; called the Power Package

In a time when prevention and health is paramount and on nearly everyone’s mind its Zoomer’s Myco Foods that is leading the charge with functional & potent mushroom concentrates. As an industry leader in providing a high % of active compounds for immune system & health building;  Zoomer’s signature Myco Powered Coffee packs a solid punch of goodness for the health enthusiasts and coffee lovers alike. 

The concentrated mushroom extract powder that can be used with tea, soups and smoothies amongst other dilute able forms that people may want to get creative with. “It’s the convenience that allows the flexibility to those who want to improve their well being”,  as Helm continues, “It doesn’t matter how you take these mushrooms but that you take them daily to experience the benefits science has proven with these mushrooms. 

Zoomers has 2 options of concentrate: Cordyceps and a mix of Reishi (Ling Zhi) and Turkey Tail along with their signature Myco Powered Coffee.

Click Here to check out the Power Package I, and Power Package II