ABOUT - Home Improvement Buyers Club

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The Home Improvement Buyer’s Club was created to give home improvement aficionados access direct to wholesaler pricing. Leveraging technology and distribution capabilities has allowed this exclusive access to our customers.

Working as a Realtor for 10 years, our founder had countless Sellers who weren’t sure where to look for those little changes/touch-ups that make a big difference in the overall presentation of a room. Its these contemporary Add-ons that give the potential Buyers the nods of approval that pay dividends come negotiating time. These small investments can return much more than their initial investment.


For those who are looking to bring that new contemporary touch their homestead, look no further. Textured wall paper, textured faux brick wall covering, and artistic decals for living areas and kid’s rooms are just the start.

In the beginning we will start as a conventional online store with a humble product offering. Initially offering wall décor, evolving into lighting fixtures, bathroom fixtures and then artistic and seasonal ornamentals.

Pleas enjoy the site and we ALWAYS appreciate suggestions of products to Add to our collections.



To make interior decorating easier by offering creative products, with a great pricing structure; via direct from supplier to user delivery model. All while creating a seamless buying experience for members and new visitors.



To be a North American staple for aesthetic pleasing additions that make interior of homes more fashionable!