The Company

Home of Healthy Coffee™ is now a licensed seller of Zoomer's Myco Foods for retail and wholesale distribution channels in North America.

Zoomer’s Myco Foods is an up-and-coming new entrant to the health food/medicinal mushroom/coffee space. Founded in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.


Job Description – B2B Sales Associate

Zoomer’s Myco Foods is looking to expand its B2B sales channel and unlock the immense revenue potential in North America. Target markets include experience-retail coffeeshops and retail stores.

Recognizing 2-key desired pillars of a successful team atmosphere;

1) Give your team ownership and autonomy.

2) All sales associates will be operating within a regimented communication regime and dedicated weekly self-structured goal benchmarks.

Sales associates will be expected to build-out their own desired marketplaces. Database development and CRM implementation using industry leading technologies and strategies to document prospect development.

Implementation of webinar software, video email, drip-campaign co-ordinated with social media content releases.


This is a 100% commission-based position. Team support and feedback in scripting, successful sales strategy. Independence of data development, and execution of sales messaging.

Execute when you are ready to execute. Play when you want to play.

Always HUSTLE!


Qualifying Process – Who & what we are looking for

We are limber, action oriented and ready for change and challenge. We are independent yet supportive of our team. It’s the success of the team that matters. We are looking for past hustle, ability to innovate and lead.


  • Experience with CRM software is an asset but not required. Tech savvy and ability to learn is paramount to experience.
  • Preference to 2nd or 3rd year business and marketing majors.
  • Tech savvy, or not. Great verbal communicator. Self-motivator. Team contributor.

The Sales Objective

Having proven success with end-user sales primarily at local Farmer’s Markets, Zoomer’s Myco Foods has been approached from multiple local retailers to carry the product line. Zoomer’s Myco Foods has taken on independent representation to execute a North American retail sales strategy.


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