Small Batch Roasts... Local to Greater Vancouver

Zoomer’s Craft Arabica Roast Coffee is sourced from:

  • Region - Alto Mogiana, Lintong, Huila
  • Origin - Brazil, Sumatra, Colombia
  • Certification - Direct Trade
  • Cultivar - Caturra, Jember / Ateng, Bourbon
  • Altitude – 1300-2050 MASL

Roast Level – Medium / Dark. Small batch craft roasted in Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Once the coffee is ready then we add the goods....

A protective and nutrient-dense blend of Reishi, and Turkey Tail Mushroom powders go along with our award-winning coffee. This invigorating anti-inflammatory, antiviral, mushroom coffee targets critical conditions and relieves stress, tension, and irritability.*