$5 YOGA - Fundraiser - SOS Safety Magazine

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We are SO proud of the partnership: 

- SOS Safety Magazine helps kids, parents, and educators start conversations about the tough issues families face every day.

- A. Dawn Rising Elevated Nutrition and YOGA

- Home of Healthy Coffee - Reishi, turkey tail, cordyceps enriched coffee. It's time to put more health into your coffee intake. 

- Shaun T. Carson - Investment Realtor with eXp Realty,

We are ALL here to help those in need and getting healthy ourselves!

Whether YOGA is your New Years resolution or has become a lifestyle, YOGA continues to grow and be an integral component of a healthy lifestyle. 

Proceeds delegated from the Fundraiser will go to SOS Safety Magazine ;

  • Kids deal with bullying, drugs, addiction, mental health issues, and a growing list of threats regularly. Parents struggle to connect with their children and keep them safe, and educators are tasked with teaching life skills but often fail to address the real issues at hand. Learn More....

How it works:

1) Purchase 1 ticket for you. OR buy 4 and invite 3 guests. :) via the Buy Button below. 

2) Invite your friends - the Fabulous You has invited and paid for you to have fun, stretch, and raise $$ for a good cause!

3) Here is a link to one of A. Dawn Risings Yoga Classes to learn more. Do not sign up on the website, as you have already paid here. A. Dawn Rising will email you your access link and information on the class.

4) Here is a link to our beneficiary - SOS Safety Magazine. They are AMAZING. Feel free to learn more, get involved or donate.  

5) Get excited. Amanda is so FUN! She has so much information on health and all things stretchy :)


See You Soon!